2019 VBS Registration Form 报名表

2019 VBS Week: 7/22-26 上午9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. Fee: Free 費用免費
Deadline 截止日期 5/31
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Child’s English Name 孩童英文姓名: *
Parent/Guardian Name 家长或监护人姓名: *

Address 地址 :
Phone 联络电话: *
Email 电邮: *
Child’s birth date 孩童生日: *
Grade completed 2018-19 读完的年级: *
Medical information: Medical or other information we need to know. (Please include any food allergies.) 请填写我们必须知道的医疗或其他资料,包括对任何食物的过敏 : "Please put NONE if there is no special info for this child."請填写NONE 如果孩子沒有任何食物的过敏” *
Emergency Contacts (other than listed above) 紧急联络人 (与上所列不同) Please provide at least one emergency contact 請提供至少一個緊急聯絡人: *
Phone number 电话号码 - 1: *
Emergency Contacts (other than listed above) 紧急联络人 (与上所列不同) - 2:
Phone number 电话号码 - 2:
Dismissal Information 接送资料: Who may pick up your child at the end of each VBS day? 每天结束后,谁可以接你的孩子?: *
Does your child attend Sunday school? 请问你的孩子参加主日学吗?
If so, where? 如果有, 是哪个教会?
Who invited you to our VBS? 请问您是谁介绍来的?:
May we have permission to photograph your child? 我们可以给你的孩子照相吗?Please see note below 请参看下面的注释 *
Free T-shirt size 免费T-恤衫尺寸: (Please only pick one 请只选一个): *
Signature 簽名:
"By typing my full name here, I certify that I am the child's parent or guardian, and I give my permission for my child to attend this VBS. 我在此填寫我的英文全名表示我是這位兒童的父母或監護人,也表示我允許我的孩子參加這個假期聖經學校(VBS)。”

Please note: Our church may use these photos in slideshows that we will show each day during the VBS week and during other church activities. We will put these pictures on our church website for you to download. No names will be displayed to protect each child’s privacy.我们教会可能在 VBS这一周或其他教会节目中使用这些照片,播放给大家看,也会把照片放在教会网站使你们方便下载。为了保护孩童的隐私,我们不会显示任何孩童的姓名或资料。