Church Introduction

Church Front

Chinese Christian Church of Jacksonville is a non-denominational, believes in the Bible and pure evangelical faith church. Members of the church are composed of mainly Chinese Christians migrating from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

We have concurrent English and Chinese worship services every Sunday. The purpose is to worship our God who created us and love us, and the service includes praying, singing songs of praise and worship, Bible reading and sermon preaching.

For our English-speaking or Cantonese-speaking brothers and sisters-in-Christ who attend the Chinese service, we provide translations in English and Cantonese. We hope to share the love of the one and only true God and warmth of fellow brothers and sisters to our friends living in the City of Jacksonville.

In addition to Sunday worship service, the church also offers Sunday School classes and Bible study gatherings. The purpose is to allow brothers and sisters to learn the truths of the Bible. We also have fourteen fellowship groups, to meet the needs of various groups and backgrounds. The purpose is to provide opportunities for brothers and sisters-in-Christ to fellowship and love one another in Christ in their daily lives.

Believing in our Lord Jesus Christ and pursuing growth in our spiritual faith is our Christian spiritual life journey. Because of our faith in Jesus Christ, we have become children of God, and receive His eternal life. Jesus Christ will lead us to have a new meaning and direction in our life and help us to live a more abundant life. We hope you will receive Jesus Christ too.