Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship (青少年團契)

Welcome to Chinese Christian Church Youth Fellowship

1. Youth Fellowship consists of middle and high students (6th to 12th grade).
2. Fellowship meetings: Every Friday from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in church fellowship hall.
3. Program includes: Bible teaching, Singspiration, Sharing, and Activities.
4. Goal and purpose: Be connected with Jesus
a. To build a stronger relationship with God and people.
b. To understand the importance of the Bible.
c. To follow Jesus’ example of loving and serving others
d. To witness our Savior Jesus Christ to the world
e. To equip our youth to be the leaders in church and in the world
5. Contact: Church phone number 904-727-3800
a. Fellowship 2016-2017 Youth leadership team: GaHay Hung, Joanne Lee, Jessica OuYang, Amie Su, Kelsey Zhu, Gabriel
Hung, Johan Lee, Andy OuYang, David Shi, Michael Shi.
b. Fellowship advisor and support team: Pastor’s wife Lucy, Thomas Ma, Candace Chu, Ricky Leung, Jenny Dulaney,
Poh Ching Chia.
c. Fellowship spiritual support: Pastor Pao Lee