Our Belief

1. We believe that the Holy Scriptures of the Old and the New Testaments were given by inspiration by God, and that they are the only certain rule of faith and practice.
2. We believe in one God eternally existing in three Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
3. We believe that God the Almighty Father is sovereign, the Lord of all creation.
4. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, the He is truly God and truly man, that He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. Further, we believe in the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ for our sins, in the resurrection of His body, His ascension into heaven, His High-Priestly intercession for God’s people, His personal, visible, future return to the earth, His judgement of the world, and His everlasting kingdom.
5. We believe that the Holy Spirit is a Person, and that His ministry is to glorify Christ by the regeneration, justification, sanctification and glorification of God’s people.
6. We believe that man was originally created in the image of God, that he rebelled, sinned against God, and consequently, became separated from God, being dead in trespasses and sin, and that he became subject to the power of Satan.
7. We believe that salvation is entirely a free gift of God and cannot be earned through human works, that it has been accomplished solely by the death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, that only by faith in Jesus Christ through the regeneration of the Holy Spirit can man receive salvation.
8. We believe in one holy universal Church chosen by God, headed by Christ, that the church is the body of Christ to which all believers belong, that its mission is to witness the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.
9. We believe that the Lord’s Supper and Baptism are the only ordinances of the Church and that they testify to the life, resurrection, return, and reign of the Lord Jesus Christ.